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Many people understand that you will find materials needed to create the perfect retail package. With respect to the category and scope, a few of these packaging materials can sometimes include chipboard folding cartons corrugated master cartons, flexible film, blister pack packaging, skin cards, printed graphic cards, chipboard or corrugated counter displays and full pallet POP displays. Many consumer packaged goods companies count on strategic vendors to help design and support their retail project through the supply these packaging materials in order that their product is going to be successfully displayed at the retail level. But what's called when an outside source is employed to "marry" a customer's product with those packaging materials through hand assembly or wrapping, pouching and filling, boxing and sealing, packing, palletizing and preparing them for final shipment? This really is called CONTRACT PACKAGING.

Sometimes the end-of-line services of packaging a product is performed internally due to line set-ups, difficulty of movement to the exterior, stringent manufacturing requirements, environmental considerations, government regulations and much more. But also for retail products and services that are manufactured either in the usa or off-shore, most organizations came to depend on outside Contract Packaging Companies do this the last packaging work for them. Although the word Contract Packaging pertains to any third party who supplies the final packaging and assembly services, there are several types of contract packagers who may possibly either serve specific industries or provide specific capabilities predicated on certifications, space and equipment.

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